I would like to thank Rick so much for his help I e-mailed him 3 times before I purchased when I should have placed an order after the first, but I had questions and he answered every time and he returned my e-mail twice the same day!!!, I have never written to a company before but felt it was necessary this time, I can't express to Rick and his company how much he has changed my life, I suffer from fibromyalga, where I have pain in my body 24 hours a day, and it is most painful when I sleep, I wouldn't sleep more than 30-60 minutes at a time before I would wake up. Rick explained to me the specifics of memory foam and how it could help me sleep, I took his advice and comparing the cost at the local mall and the closet bedding store I couldn't believe the difference, I ordered a 3"4lb. topper for my queen bed and it was delivered to my door a few days later, and I have slept through the night, every night with no pain in my hips or shoulders where I was having the most problems I have told my family and all my friends about Rick and his wonderful memory foam!!!! Thank you Rick you have a spokesperson for life!!.....God Bless Colleen...Clearwater,FL

I received my mattress a couple of weeks ago and we love it, my son even loved the packaging he asked to get another one so he could open it again, my wife and I have had the best sleep since we received our mattress from you (we keep telling each other we should have done it earlier) but better late than never, Thanks again Rick you really have helped us get a great nights sleep...Mike Raleigh, NC

I love it ! I have back pains from the work I do. I got a 4" full-size topper 4 days ago and this is the best rest I could ask for. Thanks again great price and great service too right to my door without leaving the house. Charles from New York.

Thank you from the outrageous price I received from Tempurpedic. I still can't believe the difference your product is top notch and the best thing I've ever slept on. My sister slept over and I let her sleep on it, she loved it and I missed it that night , I couldn't wait until it was my turn again. Missy G. Nebraska

I have medical problems and have had them for a long time, trying to get a good nights sleep for me was very difficult, I wasted so much money (which I don't have a lot of) on these pillow toppers at the mattress stores, which I wish I could go back in time and go directly to Rick's web site and order a mattress topper which I did a couple of months ago, it took me a while to send you an e-mail because I was waiting to see how it would work over time, and just as it did at day 1, the topper works great today! I don't wake up with the pains I used to have in my neck or lower back and shoulders, and I thank you again and also my family thanks you because they say when I wake up in the morning I am much more pleasant to deal with.Thank you and have a great day. Frank......USA

I love the comfort of this topper , the only problem is waking up in the morning, I don't want to do it anymore, I've never slept on anything quite like it, its so comfortable!!!! :o) Amy, Texas

Thank you for your help in solving my problem, I couldn't sleep on my futon any longer, I bought a topper do go over it and its more comfortable than the first day I bought the futon, I will tell my friends about this for sure. Izmet....MA

Rick, thank you again for your time and help, I've had this memory foam for a long time and when my Mom developed problems with her hips I let her use it for a while and I felt bad for asking for it back because she loves it, so I ordered another one from you guys and now I got a free pillow with it, so my good gesture was rewarded with another until I see now you ship all toppers with a free pillow, so I am going to your site to order 2 pillows 1 for Mom and 1 for Dad. Great stuff keep it up Derek Montgomery, AL

I can't believe how much cheaper you are than the other sites I have checked out, and so much more than the mall stores we went to. I received our order (3 toppers and 1 mattress) a couple of weeks ago, we literally bought all 4 items for less than it would cost us for 1 in the mall, I am so glad we found your site when we did,we are extremely satisfied with the money you saved us and the high quality of the foam.The Merchants....VA

Thank you for the great job you did on my cushions!!!!! These feel better than the originals that I had on my sofa...they fit perfect and the Dacron wrap really does make a difference...Thank you again & I'll be ordering loveseat cushions soon...Jake, MN

Please pass on my thanks to whomever made my foam cushions with the Dacron wrap, I have had this piece for a long time , that was passed on to me a few years ago, and the only thing that it needed was new foam for the seat, well, I never knew where to go until I found your site, its the best quality foam that I have ever seen and it worked out great, I enjoy sitting everyday now without thinking "where can i get new foam for this?" instead I'm saying I'm glad i ordered this. Thanks again, and keep up the good work. Marilyn, in Texas