All foam is defined by a series of numbers that reflect the weight and compression ratios of a square foot of foam. Most common in the industry for testing purposes, is a piece of foam 4’’x12’’x12’’square. Precision equipment is used in determining these ratios, the 1st two numbers represent density and this is the weight in pounds per cubic foot. The 2nd two numbers represent the compression rate. If the second number is 26 then it takes 26 lbs. To compress it from 4’’ to 3’’ or 25%, this is commonly known as the IFD, or Indentation Force Deflection rating. This translates, the higher the last two numbers (or the IFD rating) the firmer the foam will be. For example our 2550 foam type has a 2.5 density and a 50lb. compression rating. 

At, all of our foam are quality foams that we have been selling to the trade for over 25 years, so you can be assured when purchasing you are getting quality and affordability.

Visco-elastic memory foam, which was first developed by NASA has evolved into the best sleeping material that we have researched. Our 3.3lb. density memory foam is a dream come true for those who suffer from arthritis, fibromyalga, back, shoulder, or body pains where there are pressure points that don’t allow you to sleep comfortably through the night. Memory foam will also eliminate the tossing and turning, giving you a sound nights sleep..

One of our customers couldn’t sleep more than 20 minutes to an hour without waking up, she purchased our 4’’ topper and now sleeps sound through the night!!!

Our 3.3. lb. density visco -elastic memory foam, as told to us by our customers, "is one of the most luxurious, richest memory foams they have ever felt" , we take great pride in our products and provide our customers with the best that there is to offer, at the best prices...