A flat rate shipping cost of 25.00 for all custom cut orders will be added to your order.1 or 100 pieces is still 25.00.

Product Description:
Custom cut foam to your requested dimensions!

Enter the desired width, height, and length of your custom cut. The cost will be calculated for you automatically.

If you wish to have your custom cut dacron wrapped, click the checkbox for "Add Dacron Wrapping" and we will add 30% of the custom cut cost to the total cost of the custom cut. (The Dacron (bonded polyester fiber) wrap is standard for any cushion and is recommended. Dacron is approximately 3/4" thick and will help the foam slide into the cover, fill out and round the corners. Cushions are wrapped using a book wrap technique, where the foam is covered with a foam adhesive on three sides just like a dust jacket covers a hard bound book.)

Once you are satisfied with your measurements, select the type of foam you wish to purchase and click "Add To Cart". For more information on each type of foam, place your mouse over a foam type.

ADD DACRON WRAPPING (Adds 30% of cost to custom cut price)





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