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What memory foam do I choose, 5 lb. density or 3.3 lb. density?

The 3.3 lb. memory foam is the best value for your money , it is the less expensive choice and works the best for most, the 3.3 lb. density can last up to 15 years, you will get the same benefits from both, but the 5.0 lb. density is the "Cadillac" of memory foam, it has a richer feel, and reduces the pressure zones on your body to the next level that the 3.3 lb. density covers, the 5.0 lb. also has a slightly softer feel.

In short, both densities are high quality products, and whichever you choose you will not be disappointed, we have a 30 day money back guarantee, on all of our memory foam toppers and mattresses, so you can be at ease ordering with us.

What is Visco-Elastic , Memory Foam?

Memory foam ,designed by NASA , to provide pressure relief of G-forces , that were felt by astronauts during flight takeoffs, how we benefit from it today is, by providing us pressure relief from the coil spring conventional mattress, that cause aches and pains, and tossing and turning. Memory foam used as a top layer, on mattresses, or as an overlay mattress pad , could not be better for our bodies.

What thickness of memory foam do I need?

Side and back sleepers would benefit from a 3”or 4”pad
Back sleepers will benefit from a 3”or 4”pad
Stomach sleepers should not use more than a 2”pad

How long can I expect memory foam to last?

All of our memory foam toppers and mattresses have been tested, researched and experience tells us that they will last 15 years + with normal use in normal atmospheres

Should I get a mattress pad or a new mattress?

Our suggestion, is : If your mattress is in good supportive condition,( no physical signs of damage or sags) then a mattress topper, placed on top of your mattress will work fine. If your mattress is not in good physical condition , or has sags, then it would be best to replace the mattress, it is doing you no favors, if the mattress is in that kind of condition, and would be best to replace.

Can you custom cut memory foam?

Yes, we can, please send us your measurements for a quote.

**Custom Cut Foam**

How do I measure my cushions?

The best way to measure your cushions, is to measure the old foam, if this is not possible, or if you are getting new foam, with no previous foam, if it is fitting into a cover, then measure the seams of the cushions top to bottom, and front to back.

Do I need a Dacron wrap?

Depending on the type of cushions that you are replacing, depends on whether or not you need a Dacron Wrap, usually if you are replacing existing cushions on your furniture, it is likely the wrap will be needed, remember over time, some fabrics tend to stretch, and the Dacron will fill out the cushions better.